Introducing Chronicle Cloud

The all new Chronicle Cloud allows sync between iOS devices.

Introducing the all-new Chronicle Cloud, which allows lighting fast sync between Chronicle on iOS devices (sync with Mac version expected soon), plus the ability to share your bills with a partner, family member, or business associate.

Chronicle has supported iCloud sync for many years, but iCloud sync is tied to your iCloud account, meaning each individual iCloud user would sync their bills with their own iCloud account. As a result, spouses or others who wanted to share bills were not able to do so easily. With the new Chronicle Cloud, this is simple. Users can simply sign into the same Chronicle Cloud account within Chronicle to sync bills.

iCloud sync is also still available for people who prefer to use that.

Chronicle Cloud is a part of Chronicle Pro for iOS. More details on pricing and sharing bills is available on our Chronicle Cloud support document.

Chronicle for iOS is available in the App Store here.