Try Chronicle’s New Dark Mode

The latest version of Chronicle now has a beautiful new dark theme. iOS 13 adds a system-wide dark mode, which you can set manually or automatically. In the latest update, which is available now (version 10.5), Chronicle will automatically and seamlessly switch to dark mode whenever your iPhone is in dark mode. This feature will also be available on iPad when iPadOS is released on September 30.

This latest update is free—dark mode is available to all users, whether free or Pro. And stay tuned for more great updates in Chronicle—later this year, exciting new features like income support are coming to Chronicle Pro for iOS.

We work hard to make sure Chronicle is always up-to-date with the latest iOS features. If you like Chronicle, please take a moment to leave a quick updated review or rating in the App Store. The app never bugs you to leave a review, but they really help.