Say Goodbye to Financial Surprises

Never pay a late fee. Plan for the future. Chronicle is the easy way to manage your bills. Available for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Chronicle requires macOS 10.10 or later. You can download it from the Mac App Store, try a free trial, or purchase it from our store.

Say Goodbye to Financial Surprises

Never pay a late fee. Plan for the future. Chronicle is the easy way to manage your bills. Available for Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Never Forget a Bill

Chronicle reminds you to pay your bills with convenient pop up notifications before they are due. Plus, it shows you your upcoming bills conveniently right in your menu bar and on a notification center widget. With the avaialable iOS version, you can also have your bills on your iPhone & iPad wherever you go.

Plan & Save for the Future

Chronicle’s Forecast View previews your upcoming bills for months in advance, and estimates amounts due based on payment history, type of bill & time of year. For bills that repeat rarely (like car registrations), Chronicle calculates how much you need to set aside each month so you won’t be caught short.

Understand Your Spending

Chronicle keeps track of your payment history, so you can track your spending over time and monitor it for unexpected bill increases. Plus, Chronicle helps you understand how much you spend seasonally, so you can better plan for things like utility payments or credit card bills.

Pay Bills Online Easily

Use Chronicle’s integrated browser to pay bills and log payments quickly, without ever leaving the app. You can save confirmation numbers and attach PDF receipts of your payments, so you’ll always have the proof you need if there is a dispute about whether or not you paid a bill.

What Chronicle Users Are Saying

Thank you for this app.  A few years ago I forgot to pay a power bill.  I also didn’t open the letters reminding me … Long story short, I ended up having my account put on probation and I had to put a deposit down to keep it open. It was a really frustrating experience, and that’s when I sought out Chronicle.

There are a small handful of apps out there that have actually made my life better – and yours is one of them.  I have never missed a single bill since I started using Chronicle!

Andrew L.

Keeping track of my finances has always been a nightmare. I can’t remember everything, I try to do the right thing and pay bills, forget about some, pay fees, don’t have enough money for some bills, pay more fees….

This was my life for almost 20 years. Now, I am calling companies and asking where my bill is. What changed?

Your simple system has helped me … I am succeeding in finances in ways I never thought possible.

I just want to say thank you for giving me my financial life back.

Everett V.

I find Chronicle very helpful as I pay bills for two households and a business. I have the iPhone app also, so it’s easy to always be aware of what I need to take care of.

I even gifted the iPhone app to my adult children to help them with #adulting. I don’t think either was excited when I told them, but my son did tell me recently that he’s using it and finds it helpful.

Janet B.

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Chronicle’s free trial for Mac allows you to manage up to 5 bills with no time limit.

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Chronicle for Mac requires macOS 10.10 or later.

Chronicle for iOS requires iOS 10 or later.