Introducing Chronicle Pro for Mac

Chronicle is now Chronicle Pro! Chronicle 9.0 is a major update with significant new features, including history, savings goals and reports. Gain better insight than ever into your finances with the new Chronicle 9.0. To better reflect the significant new features, we’ve renamed Chronicle 9 to Chronicle Pro. Here’s what’s new in Chronicle Pro:

Monthly History: View a month-by-month history of all your income and bill payments. See at a glance how much you spent in any given month, and use tags to break down your payments even further.

Reports: View detailed reports for a given year, and analyze your spending across all bills or a selected tags. Break down bills by payment type or category using tags, and see exactly how much you are spending.

Savings Goals: Create savings goals in Chronicle to help you remember to set aside money every month. Savings goals reduce your OK to Spend balance, so you remember not to spend that money.

If you’ve already purchased Chronicle 8 for Mac, Chronicle Pro is a free update, and you can get it by checking for updates in the app, or the Mac App Store, depending on where you purchased. If you are using Chronicle 7 or earlier, or you are new to the Mac version, you can purchase it in our store for 25% off for a limited time.