Introducing Chronicle 8 for iOS

Introducing Chronicle Pro

Chronicle Pro is a brand new part of Chronicle, that makes premium features available, and helps us support ongoing development of Chronicle. Everything available in Chronicle before is still available, but new features will be added to Chronicle Pro, which is available as an in-app purchase. Here’s what’s new in Chronicle Pro now:

  • Forecast View:Allows you to see into the future. See what bills are due every month for the upcoming year.
  • Amount to Save: Stop bills from sneaking up on you. Many bills don’t repeat every month: for these bills, Chronicle will calculate how much you need to set aside each month so that you have enough to pay it when it comes due.
  • Intelligent Estimated Amount Due: Using the type of bill, your payment history, and the time of year, Chronicle will intelligently calculate an estimate of how much is due.

To get the in-app purchase, simply click the “View Forecast” button on the main screen, and you’ll be prompted to purchase Chronicle Pro.

Future Chronicle Pro Features

Chronicle Pro will be updated regularly with new features. In the coming months, the next feature to come to Chronicle pro will be Income Management. Track your income from the mobile app, and see how much is free to spend after accounting for all your bills.