Introducing Chronicle 8.5 and OK to Spend

Chronicle 8.5 is here, and it’s a free update if you already have Chronicle 8. If you haven’t yet purchased Chronicle 8, see the bottom of this post for details on how to upgrade.

There are a number of big changes in Chronicle 8.5, including improved income behavior (you can now view income history, set income for paychecks independently, and edit or delete past income). However, the biggest improvement is our new OK to Spend feature.

Chronicle’s OK to spend feature intelligently calculates an estimate of how much money you will have left to spend for a given month:

  • It adds how much is due for bills that have known values, and estimates the amount due for bills that have amounts that are not set.
  • Next, it looks for bills that are due later that you will need to save for, like semi-annual insurance payments, for example, and calculates how much you need to save for those.
  • Finally, calculates all your income sources for the month, and subtracts the above items, giving you an estimated amount that you have available for discretionary spending after paying all bills.

Using OK To Spend

To use the OK to Spend feature, first enter forecast mode. In the lower-right corner, you will see the OK to Spend amount. You can check any month in the next year to see how much will be available for that month. Of course, since not all bills have exact amounts, this number is an estimate.

OK To Spend For Specific Accounts Only: What if you want to see just how much is okay to spend from a certain account? Or exclude certain bills—for example, ones that you pay with a credit card? You can do that too! First, you must assign tags to bills & income, corresponding to how the bills are paid. For example, tag all bills that you pay from your bank account with the tag Bank, and also tag the income that comes into that bank account with the same Bank tag. Now, when viewing the forecast, select the Bank tag. You will see only bills and income paid from your bank account, and the OK to Spend amount will update accordingly.

Upgrading to Chronicle 8.5

Remember, if you already purchased Chronicle 8, this is a free upgrade. If not, all current users of nay version of Chronicle can  upgrade to version 8.5 for 40% off.

In the App Store: For a limited time, we’ve set the price in the Mac App Store to 40% off for everyone. Chronicle 8 is normally $19.99, but for the next month, it will be $12.99. Click here to download it in the App Store for 40% off.

At Our Website: If you’ve previously purchased Chronicle from our website, you can use this purchase link to get Chronicle 8 for 40% off.