Introducing Chronicle 8

Chronicle 8 is an a major new release, and it’s all about eliminating financial surprises. You can get it in the App Store here.

For the first time, you can look ahead months in advance and estimate how much will be due in the future using the all new Forecast View.

Chronicle’s new Intelligent Estimated Amount Due feature helps you know how much will be due for bills that vary. Using the type of bill, your payment history, and the time of year, Chronicle will intelligently calculate an estimate of how much is due. For example, Chronicle will be able to learn if your electric bills are higher or lower in the winter, and estimate accordingly.

And the new Amount to Save feature will stop bills from sneaking up on you. Many bills don’t repeat every month: for these bills, Chronicle will calculate how much you need to set aside each month so that you have enough to pay it when it comes due. For example, you may have an auto insurance bill of $500 that is due every 6 months. Chronicle will calculate that you need to set aside $83.33 each month in order to have enough to pay the bill each time it is due.

These & more new features help make Chronicle 8 the best version yet. Try the all-new Chronicle 8, and eliminate financial surprises!

Note: Chronicle 8 is a paid upgrade from Chronicle 7 and earlier. Click here to learn more about why, or click here to read more details about what’s new. You can also click here to download a free trial of Chronicle 8.