Why Chronicle 8 Is a Paid Upgrade

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Why Chronicle 8 Is a Paid Upgrade

Chronicle 8 is the first paid upgrade in over 9 years. Since 2008, Chronicle has been actively supported. We have always worked quickly to implement the latest features in macOS and iOS. We have continuously improved Chronicle, optimized, and added new features to make Chronicle more powerful and easy to use. So far, we’ve always made every update available for free.

However, over time, the time required to work on Chronicle has grown significantly. As the app has gotten more sophisticated, new features take longer to implement, and more complex features like syncing between iPhone, iPad and Mac take more effort to maintain and support. All of this adds up to making it harder for us to devote time to adding new features that are good for existing users. In addition, as time has gone on, the Mac App Store has gotten more crowded with apps, and new updates trigger less of a surge in downloads from new users. As a result, spending a lot of time on significant updates becomes less valuable, as the work might not trigger enough additional income to make it worthwhile. Left on this course, Chronicle might stagnate instead of getting better.

For Chronicle 8, we really wanted to come up with something completely new to allow you to plan for the future and eliminate surprises. Our all-new Forecast View, with our new Amount to Save and Intelligent Estimated Amount Due features, are a huge step up in how Chronicle can help you plan for the future. The only way we could justify this work was if we knew we’d be able to get a return on the investment.

We are continuing to work hard on more new features for Chronicle 8, including iCloud sharing so you can share bills with a partner, coming later this year. This isn’t the start of charging for every update—we will only plan to charge for major, significant updates, while minor new features and bug fixes will be added constantly, as always, for free.

Thank you for supporting Chronicle. I hope you’ll consider purchasing Chronicle 8, to help us continue to develop Chronicle for years to come.

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