What’s New in Chronicle 8

Chronicle 8 is a major upgrade, with new features, updates and improvements to the interface, bug fixes, and an entirely new view (Forecast View). Read on to learn more about the new features, and how they work. For more details on migrating from Chronicle 7 to 8, please read our Migration Guide.

Forecast View

The biggest new feature in Chronicle 8 is the all-new Forecast View. Forecast View allows you to select a month any time in the next year and see what bills will be due that much. Using the new Intelligent Estimated Amount Due feature, Chronicle will also calculate how much is due for each bill during that month. More about that feature is below. In addition, Chronicle’s Forecast View also includes an optional new Amount to Save feature, which helps you know how much to save for bills that repeat less often. See the Amount to Save section for more on this.

To use Forecast View, click the Forecast button located on the right-hand sidebar, and a separate window for Forecast View will open. Within this window, you can select any month from the dropdown at the top of the screen. In addition, you can filter by selecting a tag from the tag dropdown filter. By default, this is set to “All Active Bills”. You can filter by any tag, including income source tags, so you can see how much you need to pay from a specific income source. For more on this, see the Income Source Filtering section below.

Amount to Save

Chronicle’s new Amount to Save feature helps you budget and plan for the future. Many bills don’t repeat every month, for these bills, Chronicle can calculate how much you need to set aside each month so that you have enough to pay it when it comes due. For example, you may have an auto insurance bill of $500 that is due every 6 months. Chronicle will calculate that you need to set aside $83.33 each month in order to have enough to pay the bill each time it is due. This works for all bills that repeat less often than once a month. Note that the Amount to Save bills show up on the Forecast View only. You can toggle showing the Amount to Save by clicking the Settings icon on the Forecast View toolbar.

In addition to calculating each bill’s Amount to Save, you will also see a total Amount to Save at the bottom of the Forecast View window.

Intelligent Estimated Amount Due

Chronicle 8 includes the option to estimate how much is due for each bill, using the new Intelligent Estimated Amount Due feature. Chronicle uses your payment history, the type of bill, and the time of year to guess how much is due for each bill that has a variable amount due. Of course, if you set an exact amount due, this will override the estimate.

This feature is enabled by default, and works in the default Chronicle view on both the Overview and Bill Detail screens, and in Forecast View. You can also disable it in Chronicle’s preferences, or in Forecast View preferences. Estimated amounts will appear in the Amount column, but will appear in grey text instead of black text, so you can differentiate them.

Partial Payments

Chronicle now makes it easy to log partial payments. Partial payments do not change the due date of a bill. You can also use partial payments to log historical payments for your records, without changing the due date. To log a partial payment, just click the dropdown arrow next to the Log Payment button on the Overview or Bill Detail screen. Then, select the Log Partial option. The partial payment window will appear, and you can log a partial payment.

Income Source Filtering

Income sources now support tags, if you have multiple bank accounts, or some bills that are paid with different income sources, you can tag the income source and each bill with the income source it is paid from. Then, you can filter by that tag to see only the income & bills you have to pay from that account. In the new Forecast View, you can see how much you will need to pay in any given month, from a specific income source, by selecting the income source tag from the dropdown menu.

What Happened to Dropbox Sync?

Chronicle 8 no longer includes the option for Dropbox sync. As of September 28, no version of Chronicle can sync with Dropbox. However, all current versions of Chronicle now support iCloud sync. The short reason that Chronicle does not work with Dropbox any more is because Dropbox disabled the API that Chronicle used to sync with Dropbox. There are a lot more details on our blog post.