Chronicle Cloud Help

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Chronicle Cloud

Chronicle Cloud is a brand new, lightning-fast cloud sync for Chronicle. At the moment, it is iOS only, but we plan to expand the number of available devices in the future, with the Mac version gaining Chronicle Cloud next. Multiple users people with different iCloud accounts can sign into the same Chronicle Cloud account to sync their data. In this way, partners, spouses, or business associates can manage the same set of bills.

How Do I Get Chronicle Cloud?

Chronicle Cloud is currently available exclusively on Chronicle for iOS (iPhone & iPad). Mac support is coming soon. Chronicle Cloud requires the iOS Pro Subscription. To purchase this subscription, tap the small icon of a cloud with an x on it in the lower-left corner of the bottom toolbar in Chronicle. You will be presented with a screen showing the details for Chronicle Pro. Tap the “Get Chronicle Pro” to purchase it. Note: Chronicle Pro purchases are tied to your iCloud account. This means if you purchase Chronicle Pro on your iPhone, you will also have access to it on your iPad, and so forth. If multiple people in the household who use separate iCloud accounts want Chronicle Pro, for example, to share data with Chronicle Cloud, each user will need to purchase Chronicle Pro. For example, if Max wants to share bills with Lucas, both Max and Lucas will need to purchase Chronicle Pro. Then, both users would sign into the same Chronicle Cloud account.

Creating Or Signing Into a Chronicle Cloud Account

To create or sign into a Chronicle Cloud account, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the cloud icon in the lower left corner of the toolbar. The cloud icon will have an x on it if you are not currently signed in.
  2. You will then see a screen similar to the one pictured to the right. Tap the red Sign in with email button, and type in your e-mail address and tap Next.
  3. If you’ve already created a Chronicle Cloud account with the e-mail address you enter, you’ll be prompted to enter your password to sign in. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to create a password to create your account. Tap Sign In or Save to finish.
  4. You’ll be taken back to the overview screen. You should notice the cloud icon on the bottom toolbar no longer has an x on it, signifying that you are signed in.

Note: If you forget your Chronicle Cloud Password, follow steps 1 and 2 above, and under the password field, you’ll see a link to reset your password.

How Chronicle Cloud Syncing Works

When you sign into Chronicle Cloud, all the bills on the device are immediately merged with your Chronicle Cloud account. If a bill is modified more recently on your device, it will be uploaded to the cloud. If the cloud version was updated more recently, the bill on your device will be updated with the cloud version.

Each time you make a change to a bill (editing a bill, logging a payment, etc), these changes are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Changes made while your device is offline or without an internet connection are automatically synced the next time your device is connected.

Sharing With a Partner

If you’d like to sync your data with multiple users, for example, with a partner, just sign into the same Chronicle Cloud account on each device that would like to sync. Note that each individual user will need to purchase Chronicle Pro. However, one Chronicle Pro purchase works for all personal devices. So, for example, if Dustin has an iPhone and iPad, and and Suzie also has her own iPhone and iPad, and they want to share bills, Dustin will need to purchase Chronicle Pro once, and so will Suzie. They can both sign into the same Chronicle Cloud account, and bills will sync between all four devices.

Troubleshooting Sync Problems

Note that Chronicle’s Cloud syncs seamlessly (usually, nearly instantly) in the background. There is no need to manually sync. If you are having trouble with Chronicle syncing, please try the following steps in order:

  1. Make sure all devices are connected to the internet, and signed in. Ensure the cloud icon on the toolbar in Chronicle is present, and there is not an x on the icon. If you see an x on the icon, tap on the icon to sign back in to Chronicle Cloud.
  2. If there is a particular bill that you updated on one device that is not appearing or updating on other devices, edit the bill on the device where it is up-to-date, and then save it. This will cause it to update to the cloud.
  3. If that doesn’t help, try quitting and relaunching Chronicle. To quit Chronicle, double click the home button, or swipe up from the bottom of your screen (depending on your device) to see all running apps. Then, swipe up on Chronicle to quit it. Next, relaunch Chronicle, and see if your bills sync.
  4. If that doesn’t help, sign out of Chronicle Cloud, and then sign back in. To sign out, tap the cloud icon on the bottom toolbar, and then tap “Sign Out” to sign out. To sign back in, follow the steps in Signing In section above.

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