Chronicle 6.6.0 with Upgraded iCloud Sync

Version 6.6 of Chronicle is now available for Mac and iOS. The most important change in this update is a complete rewrite of Chronicle’s iCloud sync. You must update to version 6.6 on both Mac and iOS to enable iCloud sync going forward.

When you first launch Chronicle 6.6 on Mac and iOS, you will be prompted to enable the new version of iCloud sync. If you don’t enable it, iCloud sync will be turned off. You can always enable it later in Chronicle’s preferences. Make sure to re-enable iCloud sync on both Mac and all iOS devices after updating to version 6.6.

For more details, or for troubleshooting, view our iCloud Sync Help page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this change?

We have been working on this change for some time, but we accelerated work on it because the current version of Chronicle’s iCloud syncing does not work on macOS Sierra. This update is necessary to keep syncing working. But aside from that, iCloud syncing will now be faster and more reliable, and it will enable more features in the future.

How much does the update cost?

The update is free.

Why is this new iCloud sync better?

Chronicle 6.6.0 uses Apple’s CloudKit technology in the background, which is the same framework that powers sync in Apple’s own apps. It is more reliable to sync changes than the old version, especially when syncing multiple devices. It is also faster, with changes usually syncing almost instantly, while the previous sync version often took several seconds.

What do I need to do?

Make sure to update your iOS and Mac versions of Chronicle to version 6.6.0, and enable sync on each device. If you have some devices with out of date bills, enable iCloud on the device with the most up-to-date data first.

What if purchased Chronicle for Mac outside the App Store?

Great news! Apple has recently made iCloud available to Mac apps outside the App Store, so we will be updating the version of our app sold outside the App Store to version 6.6 with iCloud support in the coming weeks.