iCloud Sync Help

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iCloud Sync Help

Chronicle can sync all your active bills automatically among your Mac(s) and iOS device(s) using iCloud. As you make add bills or log payments, changes are automatically synced via iCloud. Generally, syncing should happen nearly instantly when your devices are online.

Enabling iCloud on Mac

  1. Sign in to iCloud and Enable iCloud Drive: Make sure you are signed into your iCloud account. Check System Preferences > iCloud to make sure that you are signed in to your iCloud account. Make sure iCloud Drive is on, then click “Options” next to iCloud Drive and if Chronicle is on the list of apps, make sure it is checked (enabled).
  2. Update Chronicle: iCloud sync requires version Chronicle 6.6.0 or later. To make sure you are using the latest version, click the Chronicle menu and click About Chronicle. 
  3. Enable iCloud in Chronicle: Go to Chronicle’s Preferences, by selecting the Chronicle menu and clicking Preferences, and select the Sync tab. Check the Enable iCloud Sync box.

Enabling iCloud on iPhone & iPad

  1. Sign in to iCloud and Enable iCloud Drive: Make sure you are signed into your iCloud account. Check the Settings App, under iCloud and make sure you are signed into your iCloud account. Make sure iCloud Drive is on, then tap on it, and if Chronicle is on the list of apps, make sure it is enabled.
  2. Update Chronicle: iCloud sync now requires version Chronicle 6.6.0 or later. To make sure you are using the latest version, click Settings (gear) icon in Chronicle and tap About Chronicle. Scroll to the top and make sure it lists the version as 6.6.0 or higher.
  3. Enable iCloud in Chronicle: Click the Settings (gear) icon in Chronicle, tap Sync & Backup and toggle Enable iCloud Sync on, then close settings.


Chronicle sync generally happens automatically, and almost instantly. On some Macs, changes may rarely take up to 30 seconds to sync. Any changes you make when you don’t have an internet connection are synced when you do have a connection. If you’re having trouble with a change not syncing, try these steps in order:

  1. Check Your Account: Check in Settings App > iCloud on iOS, and in System Preferences > iCloud on Mac to make sure you are signed in to iCloud under the same account on all devices.
  2. Verify iCloud Drive is enabled: Check in Settings App > iCloud on iOS, or in System Preferences > iCloud on Mac. Make sure iCloud Drive is enabled, and specifically enabled for Chronicle.
  3. Verify You Have Space on iCloud: If your iCloud Drive is very low or out of space, Chronicle will not be able to sync. See <a href=”https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204247“>this article from Apple</a> for more information.
  4. Try a Manual Sync: If you made a change on one device that did not sync to other devices, try manually syncing that device. To manually sync a Mac, click the Sync button located on the toolbar. To perform a manual sync on iOS, Pull to Refresh the list of bills (drag the list down as far as you can and release). After manually syncing the device where you made the change, if it still doesn’t appear on other devices, try manually syncing the other devices.
  5. Edit and Re-Save the Bill: If a change you made isn’t syncing to other devices even after a manual sync, try editing the bill and re-saving it on the device where you originally made the change. You don’t need to change anything, just re-saving will re-trigger the bill to upload to iCloud.
  6. Create a Test Bill: If changes still have not synced, try Creating a Bill named “Test” on one device and see if it syncs to other devices and causes your other devices sync. Wait at least 30 seconds after creating the Test bill to see if it syncs. If everything syncs, you can delete the Test Bill.
  7. Toggle Sync Off Then On: On the device where you made changes that have not synced to other devices, turn iCloud sync off, then back on. Note: On iOS, when turning iCloud sync off, you must close the Settings screen for the changes to take effect. So turn iCloud Sync off, then close Chronicle’s settings, then re-open Chronicle’s Settings and turn iCloud Sync back on and close settings. If, after a few seconds, changes still don’t appear on other devices, try toggling sync off and on on those devices as well.
  8. Restart Devices: If none of this works, try restarting all your devices, and relaunching Chronicle. If bills still don’t update after that, retry steps 3-6 after restarting.
  9. Contact Us: If none of these suggestions help, please contact support@littlefin.com.

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