Chronicle 6.7.0 Adds Touch Bar Support

Got a shiny new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar? Good news, Chronicle 6.7.0 now supports the Touch Bar with a number of different, customizable actions that you can assign to the Touch Bar. Here’s all of Chronicle’s supported actions:


By default, not all these actions are visible. To customize the Touch Bar in Chronicle, select “Customize Touch Bar” from the View menu in Chronicle to choose which actions you want to see.

From left to right, the buttons are:

Load Overview: Tap lines to return to your list of bills or reload it.

Log Payment: Log a regular payment for the currently selected bill.

Skip Payment: Skip the next payment, shifting the due date forward one cycle.

Pay Bill: Open the bill’s website in your default website to view and pay it.

Quick Log: Quickly mark a bill as paid and shift the due date forward with a single tap.


Chronicle 6.7 is a free update. You can download it, or purchase it if you don’t already own Chronicle in the Mac App Store.