Chronicle For Apple Watch

The Chronicle update with Apple Watch support is submitted and approved, and will be released just a couple days before the Apple Watch is widely available on April 24 (Update: Chronicle for Apple Watch is now available). Chronicle for Apple Watch will allow you to quickly view and reschedule notifications, see upcoming bills at a glance and more.

When you swipe up from your watch face on the Apple Watch, you get a series of glances giving you relevant information. Chronicle’s glance will show you the next bill due, including all relevant details and a graphical view of how soon the bill is due. Tapping on the glance loads your list of bills.

The familiar list of all your bills is arranged by due date. Tapping any bill shows you details about it, including how much is due and any notes you have entered. This can be handy if you have information you need to access in Chronicle while you are on the phone. For example, if you are calling to make a payment, you can access your customer ID number saved in the bill notes on your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch app also includes support for notifications, which you can reschedule right from the watch. When a notification comes up, you can have it remind you later that night, or the next day. In addition, you can force touch any bill on the list to set a notification for that night or the next day.

Check out the screenshots below!


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