Handoff & Other New Chronicle Features

The latest update to Chronicle, version 5.7 for Mac, and version 5.1 for iOS, includes a number of new features, including handoff support, support for bills with variable amounts due, and better support for automatic bills on iOS.

Here’s a rundown of the new features, and what to expect:

Handoff Support

The biggest new feature in this update to Chronicle is handoff support. Now, when viewing a bill, or a list of bills in Chronicle on your iPhone, iPad Mac or even Apple Watch, you can use handoff to transfer the bill to another device.

If your devices are handoff compatible, when you are viewing a bill on your Mac, and want to switch over to viewing it on your iPhone, the Chronicle icon will appear in the bottom left of the lock screen. Swipe up on the icon to launch Chronicle directly to that bill.

If you have a bill open on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, then want to switch to your Mac to pay the bill, the Chronicle icon will appear to the left of your dock. Click that to open the bill on the Mac.

Bills With Variable Amount Due

Chronicle has a new setting on both Mac and iOS for bills: Amount Due Varies. When you enable this option (which you can do when creating or editing a bill on Mac or iOS), a couple things change:

  • Each time you log a payment, the amount due changes to “Not Set”, to remind you to enter the amount due for the next payment.
  • When you log a partial payment on the Mac (hold down option before clicking the “Log Payment” button), the amount due will reduce automatically by the amount that you logged. So if your amount due of $100, and log a partial payment for $40, the amount due will change to $60.

Support for Automatic Bills on iOS

The iOS version of Chronicle now includes the option to define a bill as automatically paid. If a bill is automatically paid, it will display in blue on the main list and when you view it. Note that in the current update, automatic bills cannot automatically log on iOS. But we hope to add this in the future.

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