Using Chronicle’s New Interactive Notifications

In Chronicle 4.6 for iOS, we added a useful new feature: interactive notifications. Interactive notifications allow you to take actions on a bill without launching the app. To access this actions, simply swipe across the notification on your lock screen or in notification center from left to right (see screenshot). If the banner notification appears while you are using your phone, just pull down on the banner to expand it and show the notification options. There are currently two actions: Pay Now and Remind Tomorrow.

The Pay Now option takes you to the bill page in Chronicle so that you can log a payment or pay it online. The Remind Tomorrow postpones the reminder until the next day.

Accessing Chronicle's interactive notifications.
Accessing Chronicle’s interactive notifications.

Future Updates

Interactive notifications will also work on Apple Watch when it is released—you will be able to reschedule notifications and even view your bills from your wrist. In addition, we will be adding more customizability to the reminder options, such as better ability to manage what time the notifications appear. Interactive notifications will be coming to the Mac version soon as well.

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