Introducing Chronicle Touch 3.0 with iCloud

A new version of Chronicle Touch is here, released, of course, as a free update. Chronicle Touch is totally redesigned for iOS 7, and includes iCloud sync for keeping your bills in sync with the Mac version, and of course between the iPhone and iPad. As far as I know, it is currently the only bill reminder app with iCloud sync between the Mac and iOS versions.

Try the new version, and you’ll get an option to enable iCloud sync after the welcome window is displayed. Make sure to update the Mac version to 5.2 in order to get iCloud sync working there.

iCloud sync is completely automatic, and happens in the background. I’ve been using it with my own personal bills for several weeks now, and it’s great. If you like the new version, please give it a review and rating in the App Store, it helps a lot.

One note: if you purchased Chronicle for Mac directly from us (outside the App Store), there’s no way for us to offer iCloud sync, unfortunately. Apple limits iCloud to App Store apps. We can’t include it, and there isn’t a way for us to transition you to the Mac App Store version either. We’ve left Dropbox sync enabled, so that you’ll still be able to keep on syncing, even without iCloud. If you want iCloud between Mac and iOS though, you’ll need to purchase the Mac App Store version of Chronicle. We’ve left it on sale for $9.99 for a few weeks to help lower the cost of transitioning.


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