What’s New in Chronicle 7

Chronicle 7 is a major upgrade, and with it there are a lot of changes to the interface, and a lot of new features. Read on to learn more about the new features, and how they work.

If you haven’t purchased Chronicle yet:

New Repeat Intervals

Chronicle 7 (Mac version) now includes repeat intervals for specific days of the week (like the 2nd Wednesday of the month, etc), plus a special custom repeat interval for paying estimated taxes in the U.S. The new repeat intervals can be accessed by selecting “Custom” on the repeat interval field, and then choosing the correct interval. Note that the new intervals can only be set on the Mac version, but they will sync and work properly in the iOS version as well.

New Overview Display Options

The Overview in Chronicle has been refined and redesigned to show you more information and allow you to customize which information you see regularly. The “Last Paid” column now shows the date and amount of the last payment for each bill. In addition, you can customize the text that appears below each bill, so in addition to the repeat interval, you can now set the Overview to display the payment type or tags below the bill name.

To change what information is displayed, go to Chronicle’s Preferences, under the General tab, and see the Overview Options section.

New Icons

We have added a number of new bill icons to Chronicle 7.0 for both Mac and iOS. There are now icons for: cloud drive services, clubs & organizations, food, jewelry and savings.

Improved Tag Behavior

You can now search for tags using the search field. In addition, you can now use the search field to further narrow down bills due soon or due in the current month. For example, you can select click “Due This Month” on the sidebar, and then select a tag in the search field to show only bills matching that tag due in the current month.

CSV Export

You can now export all of your payment history for any bill. To export a bill, select a bill, then choose File > Export > Export Bill to CSV.

iCloud Sync Improvements

Chronicle 7.0 dramatically improves the reliability of iCloud sync, and several sync-related crashes have been fixed. If you were experiencing problems syncing in Chronicle 6, this update should help. If a bill fails to sync, manually clicking the sync button will much more reliably update it.