Sneak Peak: The Chronicle Widget

Coming in the iOS 8 update to Chronicle is a great new feature: an optional little widget that appears in notification center. A couple screenshots are below.

I’ve kept it really simple: it uses Chronicle’s traffic-light style color coding: green if nothing is due soon, yellow(ish) if a bill is due soon, and red if anything is overdue. It tells you how many bills are due soon and when the next bill is due. Tapping the widget brings you to the Chronicle app.

Initially when developing the widget, I planned to put a whole list of bills on there, or even a list of bills due soon. But after trying that, I felt like it was too obtrusive, and too much of a replication of what was already in Chronicle.

Plus, I felt like most people are going to have a bunch of widgets, and you won’t want them to be huge. This widget is informative, compact and complimentary to Chronicle, and I feel like it’s a good balance.

Any feedback or comments are welcome.


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