iOS: Chronicle 6.1 Adds 3D Touch & Automatic Logging

Chronicle 6.1 for iOS is now available, and with it, two great new features.

3D Touch Support

Chronicle now supports 3D touch iPhone 6s and 6s+. Press hard on the Chronicle icon, and a menu will pop up, showing the option to create a new bill, and also showing the next three bills due. Tapping on one of the upcoming bills will automatically bring you straight to that bill in Chronicle. It’s a pretty neat feature.

One note about this—due to a quirk in the way this feature works on iOS, when you first download the new update, you won’t see the 3D touch options until you’ve launched the version for the first time. So make sure to launch the app once after updating in order to see the 3D touch options.

Automatic Logging

Another much-awaited feature from the Mac version has made its way to iOS: automatic logging. For bills that are auto-paid, Chronicle can now automatically log a payment on the due date for the bill. You can enable this feature in Chronicle’s settings, under the General section. Just toggle the Auto-log Automatic Bills option on. And one more thing: in order for this to work, automatic bills must have an amount due entered. If you don’t enter an amount due, Chronicle won’t know how much to log and so won’t record a payment.

If you don’t already own it, you can get Chronicle for iOS in the App Store.