Introducing Interactive Widgets

Chronicle’s latest update for iOS, version 14.3, adds support for interactive widgets on iOS 17! Once you’ve updated to iOS 17, and updated Chronicle to version 14.3, you’ll see new checkboxes to the right of each bill on the medium and large widget sizes. Tap on a checkbox to mark the bill as paid!

Because widget interactions can be triggered inadvertantly, and there is no way to log the amount you paid on the widget, when you mark bills as paid in the widget, the next time you open the app, Chronicle will prompt you to confirm the logged payments and optionally set the amount paid the next time you open the app (if the bill has an amount due, Chronicle will automatically use that unless overridden).

We’ve also updated widgets in this update to show more bills. The medium and large widgets both display one more bill than before. As always, you still tap on a bill on a widget to bring it’s details page up inside the Chronicle app.