Introducing Chronicle 14

Chronicle 14 is here for both macOS and iOS, with new features for both. This is a major jump in version number for the macOS version (going from version 10 to 14). With this update, the iOS and macOS versions progress to having nearly identical feature sets, so we decided to make the version numbers the same. In the future, feature updates will come to both macOS and iOS at the same time.

Here’s what’s new in version 14:

  • Manage Free Trials: Chronicle 14 includes new features to manage free trials. Now, you can create a free trial in Chronicle, and Chronicle will remind you before you are charged, so you can cancel before you are charged. If you decide to keep the trial, Chronicle automatically converts it to a recurring bill.
  • Improved Overview: Income is now better highlighted on the overview, and on iOS, more details like amount due and exact due date are now shown on the overview.
  • Feature Parity: Most areas of the iOS app have now been updated to use the same new frameworks as are used on the macOS, so, should work better. For example, all bills are now sorted by name when they have the same due date on iOS, as they are on Mac. In addition, there is a new Paid Recently section on iOS, matching the one on the macOS version, sorted by most recent payment, and displaying the payment details.

There are many other small fixes in this update, and full details are available in the App Store update listing. The update will be rolling out slowly over the next week, so it may take a few days before your version updates.