Introducing Chronicle Widgets

Home screen widgets for Chronicle are here! Widgets require iOS 14. Once you’ve upgraded to iOS 14, to add the widget to your home screen, press and hold on an empty area of your home screen, then tap the plus button, and find Chronicle on the list of widgets.

Chronicle’s widget is available in 3 sizes. In the small size, tapping on the widget will launch Chronicle. When using the medium or large size widgets, you can tap on a specific bill on the widget to view it in Chronicle. The widget updates automatically when you change a bill, log a payment, sync changes, or the date changes. If, for some reason, the widget fails to update, opening and closing Chronicle’s settings will force it to update.

Chronicle’s widget updates its background color automatically. When no bills are due soon, the widget is green. As soon as a bill becomes due soon, the widget changes to orange, then red when a bill is overdue.

Finally, you can adjust whether automatic bills are included in the widget or not, by going to Chronicle’s settings, under the general section, and toggling the option for Including Automatic Bills on the Widget.