Chronicle 12 for iOS: Now with Income

We’re excited to announce that Chronicle 12 is now available as a free update for iPhone and iPad. This is a huge update, with new features and a total interface refresh, making the app faster, more modern, and easier to use. Read on for more details about the new features.

Income Support

  • PRO: Add & Manage Income from Chronicle for iPhone & iPad.
  • PRO: Optionally show your income on the main list of bills.
  • PRO: See income totals for the current month, including past and future income.

Complete Interface Refresh

  • Aesthetic overhaul and improvements to the display of the list of bills & bill details.
  • Significant redesign to the graph view so history graph is much easier to read.
  • Interface makes much better use of available space on iPad when displaying a bill.
  • More stats & details about bills available on iPad.
  • Log Payment, Skip, and Pay buttons are easier to find.
  • Made clearer how to view payment history and statistics for individual bills.
  • Much easier to show and hide calendar.
  • Made clearer & more consistent how to access & filter bills by tags.
  • Added an option to prevent automatic bills from being counted on icon badge when due soon.
  • PRO: Improvements & refinements to History & Forecast view.

Improvements to Logging Payments

  • When logging a payment, the “Log Partial” option has been removed. Instead, a new option to update the due date is always present on the Log Payment screen.
  • When tapping log payment, the cursor automatically jumps to the amount, so you can begin entering it right away.

Other Fixes

  • PRO: New section in preferences for Pro users, for settings that only apply if Chronicle Pro is purchased.
  • Fixed an issue where, when editing a bill’s amount when the amount was 0, you would have to delete the 0 before entering the amount.
  • Fixed an issue where bill notes might not show the entire note in some cases.
  • Lots of other minor visual bug fixes.

Chronicle 12 is available as a free update in the App Store.