Chronicle for iPhone is currently in limited testing, with great results so far. There’s still a little bit of refinement to the interface needed, but you can get a good idea of what it looks like, and how it will work, by looking at the above screenshots.

Here are some of it’s primary features:

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  • Syncs with Mac version via Dropbox
  • Notification of upcoming bills on your iPhone
  • View, create, & edit your bills
  • Log payments, view payment history & delete payments
  • Pay bills online


At release, Chronicle for iPhone will be compatible with iOS 5.0 or later, and will be ready for the new, larger screen on iPhone 5.

How Sync Works

Some have asked how sync will work when Chronicle for iPhone is released. It’s pretty simple. Chronicle for iOS will be released at the same time as Chronicle 5.1. Basically, the first time you click “Sync”, both versions will prompt you for your Dropbox username and password (Chronicle will never even see this, it goes straight to Dropbox).

You won’t need to install Dropbox anywhere. All you will need is an account, which is free.

When it syncs, Chronicle is smart about what to sync. If you create a bill on your iPhone, and a different bill on your Mac, when you sync, the list of bills will be merged. Another example: say you log a payment on your iPhone, while another user logs a payment for a different bill. When you sync, both databases are updated to include both changes.

Be The First To Know

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Update: Chronicle for iPhone will be released mid-November. It has been submitted to the App Store, and an update fixing a couple sync bugs in the Mac version has also been submitted to the Mac App Store.