What’s New in Chronicle 6

Chronicle 6 is a major upgrade, and with it there are a lot of changes to the interface, and a lot of new features. Read on to learn more about the new features, and how they work.

New Icons

You may have noticed that Chronicle’s bill icon style has changed, and there are now a lot more icons as well. We’ve added icons for things like music subscriptions, boats, motorcycles, cleaning services, personal services, pets, and more. The icons are also now organized into related groups so you can find them easier when selecting them.

When you switch to Chronicle 6, your previous icons will be mapped to the most similar new icon. Most are very similar. However, in some cases, this icon may not be the one you want. If you need to change the icon Chronicle selected for you, then simply edit the bill (select it on the Overview, and click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on the icon to see a list of other icons you can choose from.

Redesigned Interface

Chronicle’s interface has been largely updated, but most things are in the same or similar places, and should be fairly intuitive to work out. However, there are a couple notable changes:

  • The new bill, edit bill and Dropbox sync buttons have moved to the bottom of the screen, by the log payment & pay bill buttons . They automatically appear when you select a bill.
  • The search field has moved down from the top toolbar, and now resides to the right of the Your Bills header. It’s behavior has changed too. Instead of taking you directly to a bill, as you type in the search box, it filters the results on the overview in real time (it’s much improved).
  • The new bill screen has been redesigned, and the balance field was removed from the screen. However, you can still edit the balance and interest rate for a bill in the statistics section when viewing a bill.
  • Due to a bug in the way the old calendar selection worked, the new calendar selection is different. Please double-check under Chronicle’s preferences, in the Reminders tab, to make sure the correct calendar is listed. If not, be sure to set it to the correct calendar.

Vacation Mode

A brand new feature in Chronicle 6 is vacation mode. To use this feature, click the airplane icon which is right up above the calendar. Then, check the box to enable vacation mode, and enter the start and end dates for your upcoming vacation. Chronicle will adjust the due dates of bills due while you are gone, so that they appear due before your vacation (this isn’t a permanent change, and won’t impact future instances of the bill).

That way, you can easily see everything you need to take care of before you go on vacation, and schedule payments in advance, for a stress free vacation. When you’re done, just click the airplane icon again, and uncheck the box to return bills to their normal display.

Holiday Avoidance

Chronicle now keeps track of U.S. bank holidays, and can automatically adjust bills due on holidays so that you won’t be surprised and unable to pay on the due date if a bill falls on a holiday. This feature can be turned on and off via Chronicle’s preferences, under the General tab.

Redesigned Income Functionality

Chronicle’s income functionality has been completely re-designed in this version of the app. Existing income sources from version 5 will need to be re-created in Chronicle 6. Income sources now appear in-line with your bills, so you can more easily see when you get paid compared to when your bills are due. In addition, income now works a lot better:

  • You can use all the same repeat intervals as bills, including custom intervals.
  • You can assign tags to income, which allows several new possibilities (see below).

Using Tags to Track which Bills are Paid By which Income Source

Because income now supports tags, if you have multiple bank accounts, or some bills that are paid with different income sources, you tag each bill with the income source it is paid from, as well as tagging the income source. Then, you can filter by that tag to see only the income & bills you have to pay from that account.

Dividing Income Between Different People, or for Personal & Business Use

If you use Chronicle with multiple people, for example, if you and your partner  have some separate income sources and bills, or if you take care of an elderly relative’s bills, or, if you have both business and personal income and bills, you can tag income and bills with your names, and better see how much money you have available for each subset of bills.

Filters & Improvements to Viewing Recent Payments

Chronicle has a number of new built-in features to better organize your bills. If you click on the Due Soon, Due This Month, or Paid This Month headers on the overview sidebar, bills will be sorted to show only bills due or paid in those respective periods. You can also access these filters from the All Active Bills dropdown. The header turns purple when you have selected a filter, to remind you that not all active bills are visible.

To return to a full view of bills, a Show All Bills button appears next to the dropdown then you have a filter applied.

Viewing Recent Payments

You can now click the Paid This Month header to see all bills you paid in the current month. But in addition to that, you can also now enable the Last Paid column on the overview to see the last paid date of each bill. You can enable this in Chronicle’s preferences, under the General tab. You can also click on the Last Paid column header to sort bills by that column.

Revamped & Improved Internal Browser

The internal browser in Chronicle has been redesigned, and now supports a lot more websites. Most notably, it offers better support websites that have popups when you pay bills, which previously would not work. The vast majority of bill payment websites will work now.

Quick Log & Partial Payments

Partial payments can now be accessed from the overview as well as the bill detail view. To log a partial payment (which doesn’t change the due date for the bill), just hold down the Option key before clicking the Log Payment button.

Quick Log is a new feature for logging payments rapidly. Hold down the Option and Shift key and before clicking the Log Payment button, or just press Command-Option-Shift-L, and the selected bill will automatically log a payment, entering the amount due from the bill and the current date as the pay date.

Logging payments from the overview also now correctly preserves your selected position, so it’s easier to navigate via the keyboard when you are logging multiple payments.

Improved Archive Behavior

Archiving a bill now automatically sets the due date to never, and disables reminders for bills. In addition, an option in Chronicle’s preferences, under the Logging tab, allows you to auto-archive bills that are Never due when you log a payment.

Previous versions of Chronicle had some bugs that impacted syncing archived bills—sometimes they would still appear as active on iOS. This should be resolved in this update (if you have any archived bills still appearing on iOS, restore them, then re-archive them to permanently remove them).

Auto-Fill Bill Details

When creating a new bill, Chronicle will look at your existing bills and attempt to suggest details like the name, icon, tags, repeat interval, and amount due.  This is useful if you often tend to create similar, one-time bills. Fields Chronicle adjusts will be highlighted, and if you don’t like the suggestion, just press the backspace key to erase the suggestions. If you dislike this feature, it can be disabled in Chronicle’s preferences, under the General tab.