Dropbox Sync Help

Setting Up Sync

To set up sync on the Mac version, go to Preferences > Sync and click the “Turn On” button. On the iPhone, go to Settings Sync & Backup and tap the “Enable Dropbox Sync” button. The prompts will then guide you through the process of setting up sync. Sync requires a free Dropbox account. If you don’t have an account, you can get a free account at dropbox.com. You do not need to install the Dropbox software to use Chronicle’s iPhone sync, you just need a Dropbox account. After setting up sync, clicking or pressing the sync button in the future will initiate a sync.

Sync Setup Video

The one-minute video below shows the workflow for setting up sync on the Mac version. The iPhone workflow is identical.


Sync Stuck on Mac Version If sync seems stuck for a long time on the Mac version, try turning sync on by going to Preferences > Sync and clicking the “Turn Off” button under iPhone sync. Then, force quit Chronicle by holding down the option key, right clicking on the dock icon, selecting “Force Quit”. Relaunch Chronicle, and turn sync back on. Attempt to sync again. If the bar freezes again, contact us. Some Bills Are Not Visible on iOS Chronicle only syncs your active bills, not your archived bills. In addition, in the iPhone version, automatically paid bills can be hidden. If you are not seeing some bills, double check that they are active, and double check that automatic bills are not set to be hidden. If that isn’t the issue, it’s possible that a dropbox availability issue prevented some bills from syncing. Try re-syncing from the device that is showing all your bills first, then re-sync from the device(s) that is not showing all bills. Can’t Turn On Sync The most common issue on iOS is a confusion about whether or not the sync setting is on. In Chronicle for iOS, tap the settings gear, then tap Sync. Under the Dropbox sync header, tap the text labeled “Enable Dropbox Sync” to turn on sync and enter your credentials. Note that sliding the “Sync at Startup” slider to on will not do anything unless you have first tapped the “Enable Dropbox Sync” text.